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Important ArcadianMC Discord Server Rules

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Discord Server Rules

General Server Rules:
- No Bugs/Exploits/Hacks or Glitches are permitted at any time.
- Please also refrain from inviting any unofficial bots to our server, these will be promptly removed.
- Do not exploit any loopholes in the server rules (if these are found please report to server staff)
- No Voice or Text Channel hopping.
- Profile Picture Rules are as Follows:

No Sexually explicit images
No innapropriate images of any kind
No Offensive images of any kind (racially/culturally insensitive images for example)
No Blank Profile pictures

Nickname rules are as follows:

No blank nicknames.
No inappropriate nicknames.
No sexually explicit nicknames.
No offensive nicknames.
No nicknames with unusual or unreadable Unicode.

Text Chat Rules:

- Server staff must have their authority respected at all times.

No questioning a Staff Member's decision.
No asking to be given roles/staff roles, these will be applied at Staff discretion
Please use the Support channel to request help from the Server Staff

No spamming in any server chatrooms, as well as no use of @spam.
- No sexually explicit, pornographic, NSFW or Illegal content.
- No Hacking or Modding.
- No publishing of your or any other user's personal information (DOB, Address, Bank Details etc.)
- No harrassment (sexism/racism/hate speech/or witch hunting)
- No Offensive Language at all (Foul Language/Curse Words)
- No excessive message or walls of text, please limit messages to a reasonable size in all instances, and in all channels.
- Please keep all public server chat in English.
- You may converse in other languages in private messages.
- No advertisement of other minecraft/discord servers.
- Creation of Malicious threads of any kind will be instantly removed, and the creator will be banned from the Discord. (e.g DDos Threads, Threads promoting Racism, Bigotry or Sexism)

Voice Channel Rules:

- No loud, high pitch, or repetitive noises.
- Server Staff reserve the right to disconnect you from a voice channel if your sound quality is poor.
- Server Staff reserve the right to disconnect, mute, deafen, or move members to and from voice channels.

Bot Specific rules:

- No command spam.
- No macros.
- No hacks.
- No adding/changing/removing commands.

At all times, Server Staff reserve the right to enforce the rules at their discretion. All breaches of Discord Server Rules will have a punishment determined by the on-duty Staff Member, at their discretion.

Ban/Mute Appeal format can be found here:
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