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Important ArcadianMC Forum Rules

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ArcadianMC Forum Rules:

All In-Game rules are also applicable to the Forums.

- Please only make posts which relate specifically to the Thread under which you are posting them. Unrelated posts will either be removed or transferred to a more related thread.
- Do not Necro-Post. (Necro posting is the act of posting a reply to a forums thread in which the issue/topic has been addressed, or if the thread is over 2 weeks old/has been dormant for an extended period of time)
- Do not ask when a new update to the server/forums will be released, or when it will be completed. This will be announced in a post by the relevant Staff Member.
- Do not advertise personal/other public minecraft servers, unless relating to a specific feature on said servers/
- Pointless and/or incorrect topic threads will be either moved or deleted.
- Do not spam mentions as this will repeatedly notify the user you are mentioning.
- Do not use Bold, Italics, or Underlined text in your forum threads/posts as this does not follow the formatting guidelines and will result in the post or thread needing to be edited or removed.
- Please be respectful at all times and refrain from using inappropriate language. This will result in a Forum-wide mute upon the first offence, with further disciplinary action taken upon further offences, at the Staff's discretion.
- Please do not triple post, or post farm, all additional or unnecessary posts will be removed.
- Use mentions responsibly, don't mention every staff on every thread repetitively.
- Asking for likes for any reason is prohibited.
- Please do not attempt to ban evade. This will result in an IP-Ban.

Ban/Mute Appeal format can be found here: https://forum.arcadianmc.net/threads/ban-mute-appeals.9/
Not open for further replies.